We provide consultation services and trainings
to achieve compliance with
cybersecurity standards and regulations*.
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* UN r155, ISO/SAE 21434 and other related texts.
Product cybersecurity is increasingly interpreted as a process or a group of processes as imposed by new regulations and standards. These texts require the cybersecurity measures to be implemented not only during the development phase but throughout the entire product lifecycle and at all organizational levels.


Rappel Cybersecurity focuses on regulatory and normative texts of road vehicles.

UN R155 Regulation

- UNECE r155 is a regulation that provides uniform provisions concerning the approval of vehicles with regards to cybersecurity and cybersecurity management system.
- Compliance is mandatory for 55 nations (as of 01/24) and a prerequisite to comply with UN r156, UN r157 and GSRII (General Safety Regulation) regulations.

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ISO/SAE 21434 standard

- ISO/SAE21434 is a standard that addresses the cybersecurity perspective in E/E engineering within road vehicles putting the cybersecurity risk management at the center,
- Anticipated by almost entire world (170 out of 193 nations) and is a must-have to access the worldwide automotive market.

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initial GAP analysiS

Project dependent / independent

- Identify the compliance gap at organization and project levels with respect to applicable standards and regulations,
- Propose a roadmap to achieve the desired compliance levels and a preliminary cybersecurity plan,
- Identify tools, personnel, budget required for compliance.

process integration

Project independent

- Create and integrate the processes that are identified in gap analysis and/or improve the existing ones,
- Define and launch the detailed cybersecurity activities that are required to ensure the outcomes of the processes,
- Create policies, guidelines, templates and other documents required for compliance.

cybersecurity project management

Project dependent

- Create a cybersecurity plan for each project and execute,
- Create a customized dashboard to enable monitoring of the cybersecurity compliance status,
- Create, review and follow-up cybersecurity deliverables,
- Follow-up suppliers actively to ensure cybersecurity compliance,
- Train project members to establish cybersecurity culture.

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Training services

Rappel Cybersecurity provides training services for entities and individuals. Entities receive the trainings as part of the contracted consultancy services.

UN R155 Regulation

Beginner to Advanced
1-5 days (5h per day)

- UNECE roots
- UNECE and UN r155
- UN r155 vs ISO/SAE 21434
- 1958 Agreement Regulations: Scope & Provisions
- 1958 Agreement Regulations: Benefits for contracting parties
- 1958 agreement and UN r155 regulation
- 1958 vs 1998 Agreements
- How to comply with UN r155?
- Understanding Un r155
- Next Steps and recommendations
- Self-test (multiple choice)
- Exercises (assignments and evaluations)
- Workshops (work on real-life cases)

ISO/SAE 21434 standard

Beginner to Advanced
1-5 days (5h per day)

- Understanding ISO and SAE Organisations
- An ISO/SAE Joint Project: ISO/SAE 21434
- UN r155 vs ISO/SAE 21434
- Standard vs Regulation
- Transition from SAE J3061 to ISO/SAE 21434
- Purposes of ISO/SAE 21434Scope of ISO/SAE 21434
- Overview of Clauses
- Clause 3: Terms and Definitions
- Clause 4: General Considerations
- Clauses 5 ... 15 Overview
- Clauses 5 … 15 Detailed Analysis (requires ISO/SAE 21434 license ownership per entity)
- Self-test (multiple choice)
- Exercises (assignments and evaluations)
- Workshops (work on real-life cases)

Automotive Cybersecurity Awareness

All Levels

- Weakness and Vulnerability
- Increasing connectivity and complexity on automobiles
- Cyber threats on automobiles
- Real cyber-attacks on automobiles
- Example analysis and solutions
- Effects of standards and regulations
- Road vehicles: More than automobiles?
- Way forward
- Conclusions

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